The Information Zine

Client Self-Initiated
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Year 2016
The Information Zine is an eight-page, two color publication printed on newsprint about the history of information distribution, access, and censorship. Born out of our independent research on distribution, the publication uses the form of the zine (a traditional sub-cultural form of distribution), to chronicle this complicated history. Its form becomes a method of distribution while constantly balancing obstruction and access. A companion digital version was also created that borrows the aesthetics of the printed zine and reimagines them in a digital context.

The design of zine is rooted in history. The three typefaces used include a blackletter, a monospace, and Clarendon representing different eras of newpaper publishing. There is a strict grid that progressively breaks, mirroring the ease of distribution through history.

This piece was meant to serve as a research catalyst into the history of media distribution. The final form, an 8-page zine, includes a long essay exploring this history while speculating on its future.