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In addition to client work, we also produce experimental work, research projects, and original content, including the podcast Scratching the Surface, the online archive of graphic design texts, and other books and speculative projects.

MICA First Year Juried Show

Every August, the Maryland Institute College of Art hosts an exhibition showcasing the best work from the graduate program's first year students. The 2016 show was curated by New York curator Lumi Tan, who we worked with closely to develop the show's branding that stretched from exhibition design to posters and programs. Because the show was centered around first-year students, we focused on ensuring the design of the show didn't overpower the work, while also acting as a coherent element to tie together an otherwise unrelated group of artists

Client Maryland Institute College of Art
  • Branding
  • Print
Year 2016

The book's format echoes the title wall. Its size is the same ratio of the wall and with the title filling the entire cover. To tie the students's work together, the entire book is printed with a gradient so each color bleeds into the next page. Every place a student's name appears, they are printed in the same color, breaking up the gradient throughout the space.