is an independent design and editorial studio and think tank led by Jarrett Fuller. Our work takes shape across a variety of media, from books and websites to podcasts and public relations and we work with clients large and small, around the world.

In addition to client work, we also produce experimental work, research projects, and original content, including the podcast Scratching the Surface, the online archive of graphic design texts, and other books and speculative projects.

Scratching the Surface

Scratching the Surface is a weekly design podcast about the intersection of criticism and practice hosted by Jarrett Fuller. Each week, Jarrett interviews designers, writers, critics, educators and those that operate between these fields about how writing, criticism, and theory informs individual practice and the graphic design profession at large. Previous guests have included Michael Rock, Michael Bierut, Alexandra Lange, Jessica Helfand, Steven Heller, Rudy VanderLans, Keller Easterling, and others. twenty-six design produces the show and has designed all the the branding collateral.

Client Self-Iniated
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Year 2018

Cover Art

In 2018, we gave the site and brand a slight refresh, keeping the red the podcast has used since it launched while introducing new typography and design elements.

In addition to the website, the podcast is also available on iTunes, Google Play, and Soundcloud. New episodes are released every week.