We’re not a vendor. We’re a partner.

Sometimes our clients are looking for full service design, development, and production while other times they want advice on user experience or brand strategy. We're comfortable with all of that everything in between. We work best through close collaboration with our clients and partner and love working across mediums and discplines — from books to websites, identity development to packaging. We can embed ourselves within your team, work independently, or build a custom team — drawn from our close collaborators — that meets your specific needs.

No two projects are alike, but we typically engage with clients in three ways.

Design and Editorial

Our favorite kind of project is one that is highly collaborative where we are involved in every step of the process. Whether you need a book, a website, or a brand system, we'll be with you from conception to production, working on content, naming, and strategy through design, development, production, and implementation. We ask questions, we articulate goals, and help craft a visual language for your particular need. These projects can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

We try to keep all production in house — whether that's content strategy or web development — but if we can't we, we have a network of close collaborators and friends we can call on to meet the needs of your particular project. In the past, we've designed and edited a book of essays, worked on design and strategy for a new magazine proposal, and helped brand and plan a multi-day sales conference.

Prototypes and Workshops

Typically lasting from two days to two weeks, we can work with you on quick one-off projects, strategy sessions, and workshops. These are meant to generate ideas quickly, and may or may not lead to longer-term engagements. They often focus on a specific design need (i.e. a single page/feature of a website, a data visualization, or brand voice) and result in a specific deliverable, such as a data visualization, poster, or protype.

In the past, we helped a large church in Florida think through their website's navigation, helped a private school in California develop data visualization dashboards for its board members, concepted ideas for a new book on Italian wines, and created one-pagers for a tech company's new ad platform.

Strategy and Research

Maybe you already have a design team or maybe you're at a crossroads and need fresh eyes; we offer consulting and strategy across fields, from brand development to user experience. These engagements typically last anywhere between three months to a year and can result strategy proposals, brand guidelines, vision articulation and focus, research papers on audience, userflow, and branding, or speculative project proposals. This means we come in and help direct an existing project, run a workshop with your team, or spend time in house to better understand your goals.

Sometimes this can also lead to specific deliverables. In addition to our traditional design work, we also produce independent research projects, both for ourselves and for our clients. We've designed and written a zine on the history of information distribution, produced podcasts, and made a film about design criticism. (We're currently at work on a long-term research project about Walt Disney, smart cities, and design fictions!)

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