Self Reliance, a modern reimagining of Ralph Waldo Emerson's classic essay launches on Volume, with new essays by Jessica Helfand and design by twenty-six.

Date July 16, 2020
Type Project
The new book launched on Volume, the experimental publishing imprint of Thames and Hudson

Volume has reinvigorated Emerson’s text, edited it for a contemporary audience, and presented it in a covetable pocket-book format intended to be read, carried, consulted and to inspire throughout our new daily lives.

Framed for the 21st century and with current events in play, editor Jessica Helfand highlights moments in the text that will resonate most with those seeking creative inspiration, greater self-belief and acceptance of one’s independence in an interconnected world.

Slight yet durable, featuring two marker ribbons for easy reference, this is a timeless book for all places and all seasons.