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Jarrett Fuller's new essay on design criticism published by AIGA/Eye On Design

Date August 20, 2020
Type Press
Jarrett's new essay explores the state of design writing and criticism and the increasing complexity of the design field.

In his new essay for AIGA Eye on Design, Jarrett asks why we are still looking for design criticism:

The irony in so many of these calls for criticism, of course, is that they’re mostly given at design conferences, or written for academic design journals, or published in design magazines intended for a design audience. (Look, here I am, writing about design criticism for a design publication!) To ask why there isn’t more design criticism is to ask the wrong question. Perhaps the better question is why we fail to acknowledge the great writing happening all the time around graphic design?

You can read some background on the essay over on Jarrett’s blog.

This is Jarrett’s first essay for EOD, where he’s just been hired as a new contributing editor. He’ll be writing essays, criticism, and journalism regularly for the site as well as commissioning and editing stories from other writers around the world.