New Jarrett Fuller essay, Against Design, published on Design Observer

Date July 17, 2019
Type Press
A new essay by Jarrett Fuller, Against Design, has been published by Design Observer.

The essay looks at Oli Mould’s new book, Against Creativity, the limits of design thinking, and the problems with the designer savior industrial complex:

Creativity,” Mould writes, “is about searching for, giving space to, and trying to realize the impossible.” Design, too, is an inherently future-looking profession. It can imagine futures that are more equitable, more inclusive, more humane. But to do this, design must shift from colonizer to democratizer. We must move away from the designer-savior industrial complex that tells us the designer can parachute into any problem and, with some design thinking, fix it, indicating change from the top-down. We need to move away from giving lip service to empathy without any action. We need to move away from design for design’s sake, from award-driven work, from superficial decoration masquerading as change.